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Strong Work Structural Engineering is a small, independent firm that specializes in working collaboratively with homeowners, architects, and contractors to develop construction drawings.   We are involved in the throughout the duration of the project:  schematic planning, design development, permit process and construction.  We can refer other trusted professionals to you as well:  developers, architects, general contractors, foundation repair specialists, geotechnical engineers and civil engineers.


Strong Work works closely with architects and with construction contractors to design a cost-effective, Building Code-compliant structure.  Strong Work discusses the design in depth with the architect to provide the structural details necessary to address the Design’s unique elements.


Remodel projects range in size from removing a wall to gutting an entire house and adding a couple stories.  We have experience in all sizes of remodels.  Our job is to ensure that your changes meet the structural requirements of the Building Code:  for your safety and to protect your home’s real estate value.

Apartment Buildings

Apartments are large and often repetitive structures.  However, Strong Work is not a firm that just designs a few beams and then repeats those same sizes everywhere:   on a large building, that would significantly increase material costs.  A large building requires a large effort of close attention to the small details:  that is the service that Strong Work provides.

Commercial Buildings

Strong Work has experience with retail tenant improvements, industrial structures, office buildings, mixed-use Buildings, education buildings and parking structures.  Whether concrete, steel, masonry, or timber, we can solve your structural challenge.

Churches & Temples

In our design for churches and temples, we consider foremost the building’s long-term use by thousands of people.  A higher level of safety and serviceability is required.

Seismic Hazard Evaluation

The greater Seattle area’s earthquake hazard rating from the United States Geological Survey is ‘High Risk’.   Our duty as Structural Engineers is to outline how your house/building can be strengthened to meet the seismic design requirements of the Building Code.  The Building Code’s seismic design requirements are minimum requirements for life safety and collapse prevention.

Feasibility Studies

Before going to the expense of hiring an architect, you need to know the structural requirements of your project and the structural limitations of the existing conditions.  Strong Work can be hired on an hourly basis to review your existing house/building and to discuss your proposed renovations and additions.

Sustainable Design

Different building materials have different impacts on the environment.   Your house/building’s insulation, configuration, window sizes and locations, and heating source all play a part in the house/building’s long-term effect on our planet. With a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor and a LEED Accredited Professional on staff, Strong Work can advise you on the pros and cons of design choices.

Home Consultations

Strong Work is unique among structural engineering firms in its home consultation services.  When you just have a minor question or two about your home, we bring our laptop and engineering tools to your house to conduct the structural engineering and drafting while on site.   We find that this method is the best way to be efficient with our billable time, the best way to communicate structural needs with our clients, and the best way to be transparent about our services.

Solar Thermal Rooftop Arrays

Solar thermal tubes pre-heat the water in a boiler system, so that the boiler has less energy use.  This saves money on the boiler’s costs for natural gas or electricity.  Even on a cloudy day, solar thermal tubes can heat the water in a boiler system to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  Solar thermal systems are very effective for facilities with high-water use such as restaurants and breweries, and for large buildings heated by radiators such as schools.

Art Installations

Strong Work is always grateful for opportunities to work with local artists to help create their vision.